Why are so many Swedes active in online casinos?

If you have just discovered that Sweden is one of the foremost countries in online gambling you might wonder why. After all, this is a country with a rather small population located far away in the north. So why is it that every other casino makes sure to have a Swedish translation and to get the licenses needed to make it legal for the Swedes to bet on the games? There are several reasons…

Most Swedes are online

To begin with it is important to understand that when the Internet hit Sweden in the mid 1990’ies many jumped on board from the start. Today most Swedish people are highly active online. They use computers, smartphones and tablets to shop, communicate and manage their lives. Put this together with a natural desire for gambling action and it is not so strange that online casinos attract this market. The Swedes are not afraid of making payments online, they know how to discern a safe site from a fraud and they don’t see any problems with putting some money on games like slots, poker, blackjack and roulette.

Swedes love online slots!
Swedes love online slots!

They can afford it

Yes times are not what they used to be in Sweden but it is still a very rich country where people can afford more than bread and butter. The general level of salaries is such that people can afford to play casino games even if they don’t view themselves as very wealthy. It is the type of entertainment that most feel fine putting money into.

It is socially accepted

Playing bingo, poker, casino games and more is socially accepted in Sweden. Logging into a casino from your mobile while out on the street if perfectly normal and you can easily share on Facebook that you enjoy social games. There is a lot of focus on addiction and the Swedish government use different plans and strategies to keep the gambling under check. Players are aware and one can see that casinos that put emphasis on safe and controlled gaming actually find a lot of favor in the Swedish players’ eyes.

The Swede reads about the games on the mobile and then surfs on...
The Swede reads about the games on the mobile and then surfs on…

One could say that the Swede’s standpoint is that casino games and gambling online is fine if you have earned it (meaning that you need a break from work and studies) and if you play sensible and with a budget meant for entertainment. The casinos got this message a long time ago and the net is booming with suitable choices for the Swedish casino players.

Netent is one of the biggest Swedish game producers and their titles are a perfect fit to the average Swedish player.

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