Name: Rebecca Maor
Age: 39
City: Stockholm
Tel: +46-8-559-22900
Skype: Loyalwriter

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About me

I am a professional Swedish content writer with over 11 years of experience. I can write you quality articles, blog posts, reviews and product descriptions, in Swedish!

Click here to see my blog in Swedish, click here to see what my clients have to say about my Swedish writing services.

My services

Swedish web content – I can help you with high-quality, fully original Swedish text that I write from scratch, after doing proper research on the topic that you will ask me to write about.
I write articles, blog posts, product descriptions, reviews, and landing pages, In Swedish.

Swedish backlinks – I can help you with high-quality, hand-made, safe backlinks from Swedish websites.
Backlinks play a major role in your website’s rankings on Google.
With access to over 200 Swedish websites in different niches, I can help to build a solid backlink profile to your website, which can lead to a lot more respect (and traffic) from Google.

Translation services (English to Swedish) – Apart from original web content in Swedish, I can help you turn your blog posts, articles, and product descriptions into Swedish, making sure that they will appear as if they were written in Swedish from scratch.

Product descriptions – If you are running an online store or market products on your website, I can help you with professional product descriptions in Swedish that will represent what you are trying to sell very well to your potential Swedish clients.

Keyword research in Swedish – Are you targeting the right Swedish keywords? I can provide you with professional keyword research in Swedish so that you can optimize your web pages for the best keywords and expressions in your niche!

Payment methods

I accept payments with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, and bank transfer.

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